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Parent recommended

Parents and children recommend PediaSure® for its delicious flavor, ability to incorporate it into yummy recipes, and source of essential nutrients for growth and hard-to-feed concerns


For the first time to see my boy drinking milk so well I tried other milk but he didn't like them but this is different. I love you PediaSure.

Anita - 27 May 2021


My daughter loves it, she's 6 years old. Her appetite has improved since she started with this milk, I am happy she eats now. Highly recommend.

Anita - 21 Nov 2021


Increases their appetite, keep snacks available all day. I have seen a great improvement.

Trinette - 14 Mar 2021

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Essential nutrients for growing kids

Just a few of the 27+ vitamins & minerals included in each serving of PediaSure®. Set your child up for success through nutrition.

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A building block for your child’s bones, muscles, skin, and blood, protein plays a vital role in physical growth and in many bodily functions.


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and it is essential to building strong bones, teeth, and muscle.

Vitamin C

An important antioxidant that also helps with bone formation and the absorption of iron.

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Potassium is involved in multiple key functions in the body, including the movement of fluids in the heart and kidneys using blood vessels.


Fiber plays an important role in supporting a healthy digestive system, and it helps keep the body’s system clean and running smoothly.

Vitamin D

An important vitamin that is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth.